Debt Review

What Is Debt Review

Debt Review in terms of the NCA(National Credit Act) 34 of 2005 is a formal investigation into the financial position of the consumer, in order to determine whether the consumer is over in-debted and then to renegotiate the term of credit agreements by reducing the interest rate and investigating for reckless lending.

How Much Will I Be Able To Save Monthly?

Our Debt Review is tailor made depending on your income vs expenses.

What Debt Can Go Under Debt Review?

The Following Debt Can Go Under Debt Review

  • Unsecured Debt Such as;
    • Personal Loans
    • Clothing Accounts
    • Furniture Accounts
    • Credit Cards
  • Secured Debt Such as;
    • Vehicle Finance/Car Loans
    • Bonds/ Home Loans

What Can Debt Review Protect Me From?

Debt Review Can protect you from the following;

  • Creditors Blacklisting You.
  • Asset Repossession.
  • Garnishee Orders.

Can I Apply For More Debt Once My Debt Review Debts Are Paid Up?

Certainly, Once all your unsecured debt are paid, Financial Debt Advisors will issue you with a clearance certificate which will allow you to take out more Loans And Accounts.

How Long Will I Be Under Debt Review?

This all depends on whether or not your accounts are in arrears or not and how much months you still need to pay, however Financial Debt Advisors will only be able to tell you how long you will be under debt review once we receive the COB(Certificate Of Balance) and once the renegotiation has been made.

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